Monday, November 21, 2005

What a day!

Ah, I can finally say that I am on holidays! I finally finished that last essay. I barely made the cut for 1800 words. I think it is by far the shortest assignment I have ever written. But as Cathrine said, it's in now so think of other things, other better things such as GOING HOME!

Speaking of going home, it's already this late at night and I have yet to start packing. =/ No good no good. Can't help it la, I feel really tired. Had a sort of full on day. Did my assignment, handed it in, collected another one (which I did really well in), met up with Jennie to have lunch and did some souvenir shopping and grocery-shopping, came home and then went out for dinner again with my grandaunt. Just had to come back to watch Grey's Anatomy. How can I miss that?? It's the last episode!

So yea, what a day. *Yawn* Need to text my bro now to wish him happy birthday. He's 21 today.

And I need to start packing. See you in KL!