Friday, May 26, 2017

Golden Sands Resort

Golden Sands Resort is a hotel under the umbrella of the internationally acclaimed Malaysian-founded Shangri-La hospitality company. It is situated along the tourist beach strip of Batu Ferringhi, on the north-east end of Penang Island.

Their rooms were clean, spacious and tastefully decorated. I especially liked the wood-carving at the headboard of the bed and behind the sofa in the lounge room of the Executive Suite.

I had the opportunity to stay at this resort twice - both times in rooms that had commanding views of the pool area, beach and ocean. Although facing the pool, both times I was fortunate to be in rooms that were high enough to not be bothered by pool-goers.

Just the view of the pool and sea is enough to make anyone feel guilty for not going down there for a splash!

A little hard to think that it would not be enjoyable - there is a Haagen-Dazs ice-cream stand to start of temptations!

And so yes, I did end up soaking my feet in the pool with ice-cream in hand. Both times.

The resort has its own designated beach area, so it is perfect for a morning or sunset stroll, as it wouldn't be overcrowded.

And although I didn't take any photos of breakfast, I do think that their breakfast buffet isn't too bad. 

Golden Sands Resort
Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Kampung Tanjung Huma, 11100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 4 886 1911, Fax: +60 4 881 1880, E-mail:

Friday, May 19, 2017


Not long after the first invitation to Green Tomato Cafe, I received another invitation to review a Japanese place in Publika called Okonomi. I asked Alicia if she was free to go with me again and when she said yes, I replied the e-mail to set our lunch food review date and time.

Alicia sure knows her way around Publika - I duly just followed wherever she pointed me to.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and were shown to our designated table. It was a rather breezy order, as there were already some dishes that they specifically wanted me to try. We just ordered some other dishes that caught our attention (without thinking that perhaps we would not be able to finish so much) and our drinks. Our huge meal is as follows:

Gratin Chicken (RM15.90) is a piece of boneless deep-fried chicken served with a rich cream sauce and salad.

Katsu Chicken Burger (RM15.90) is a burger of gently breaded deep-fried chicken, melted cheese and crunchy iceberg lettuce layered in season rice topped with sesame seeds. It looks like nothing fancy, right? But I tell you, looks are deceiving for I can have this all on its own if I should come here alone.

Slammin' Salmon (RM19.90) is a freshly-made and toasted sushi roll of uramaki, seaweed, white rice, double portion of salmon, Japanese cucumber, tamago, spring onion and garlic mayo. They definitely generous with their portions here!

Chicken Karaage Waffle (RM18.90) is a dish of deep-fried kimchi-flavoured chicken served with golden brown waffles and a rich cream sauce.

If anything, you should order this and any other dish of theirs that comes served with this rich cream sauce - amazing flavours this sauce has! We couldn't get enough of it!

The main selling point of Okonomi is that you get to customise your own sushi roll.

Having chosen the type of rice, how you like your seaweed, your fillings and your toppings, they then roll 'em up for you.

Fresh. Like you can watch them do it, too.

We had no idea if our combination would be alright but we went ahead with it anyway. Wah, did we regret choosing the spicy mayo - we were burning! If you can't take spicy, please do not choose that. 

While I only sipped on normal green tea, Alicia ordered a matcha latte and dare we say it is the best one we have ever had in Malaysia. Aiya, cannot compare to those in Sydney la (she just returned from visiting me in Sydney a few months back), but this definitely has standard. Didn't manage to get a pretty shot of the cup full but goes to show how irresistible it was!

Our food blogger friends, Chris and Christine from Brought up 2 share recommended their Matcha Lava Cake (RM21.90), and so we reminded ourselves to order one portion to share.

The wait for it is 15 minutes, so would be good to order it along with your main meal. The wait staff would know roughly when to inform the kitchen to start baking. 

It really was mouthful after mouthful of indulgent matcha heaven! I can just imagine one of my ex-students crying out of bliss if she were to be eating this. 😂

A big thank you to David from T3 Digital Agency for the invitation - my friend and I had a really good time, so good that we wished our stomaches were way bigger!

Okonomi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A4.G2.02, Ground Floor, Block A4, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Mob: +60 14 971 5493; E-mail:
Daily 11:00am to 11:00pm

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Green Tomato Cafe

A few days before my flight to KL from Sydney, I received an email inviting me to partake in a nasi lemak and teh tarik making workshop at a place called Green Tomato Cafe. The name rang a bell, and I later realised that it was the same place that did batik workshops. Of course, my trusted foodie buddy came along with me. We were both really impressed with cafe's environment, one that would make many nature lovers envious, as they had lush greenery from the matured trees in their compound. Provided a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the city, just a stone's throw away.

We felt a tad dismayed when they told us that the machine they needed for the nasi lemak making workshop decided to hit the sack on that very morning. We were offered the alternative of latte art, which we accepted seeing that there were no other options. They made the coffee and showed us an example of what to do. 

We then took turns to make our own designs.


The above more sophisticated flower and heart designs are obviously Alicia's. The below is mine.

We chose a table with the view of their entrance. Not too bad, right? The green really adds to the calming effect.

Little did we realise that we would be served food because the information I received only mentioned the workshop. But since the food was prepared for us, we obliged. It was quite a colourful spread.

We both felt that the food would have been more enjoyable if they were served warm, especially the croissant. We were fine with the presentation, two thumbs up for effort.

I enjoyed the pizza, though. Plus point would be that it is homemade.

After our meal, the owner of the place - a very bubbly and enthusiastic lady - took us on a tour of her herbs and vegetable garden.

She had a pot of basil...

... a pot of mint...

... I don't remember if this was a cucumber or a pumpkin plant now...

... a pot of cili padi...

... a few torch ginger plants growing from the ground...

... and towering banana trees in one corner of her premise...

She also invited us to give a hand at her batik workshop but we gently declined because somehow, we weren't quite in the mood for batik that day. Perhaps next time when I prepare my mind for some artsy activity.

Green Tomato Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Yayasan Seni, 333 Persiaran Seni Off Jalan Ritchie, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 3 4251 5154; Mob: +60 12 257 9775; E-mail:
Daily (including public holidays) 8:00am to 5:00pm, after 5:00pm strictly by appointment only

Monday, May 15, 2017

I am back!

Oh my goodness, it has been quite a while, has it not? My "at least 3 months" became exactly a year! Goodness gracious! My only "excuse" for my longer than expected hiatus is please do not belittle the draining power of a PhD - it more or less sucks almost all life out of you. The energy drain immediately after I submitted gradually manifested in various forms, most notably in my physical and psychological forms. Oh well, I am on the road to recovery, as in to normalcy now, so, back to blogging :)

My apologies are also extended to two places that I was invited to review because my review is half a year late! I can just imagine how I would be blacklisted from reviewing any other place now 😞 No matter how late, it still is my responsibility to complete the reviews. Therefore, the first two entries of my return to the blogosphere would be on these two places:

Green Tomato Cafe

Many of the upcoming entries would obviously be backdated because I would have eaten and traveled much in a year. I will strive to keep the information as updated as possible and apologise if there discrepancies between what I write and with information provided by others.

Nice to "see" everyone again and happy reading!


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