Monday, May 15, 2017

I am back!

Oh my goodness, it has been quite a while, has it not? My "at least 3 months" became exactly a year! Goodness gracious! My only "excuse" for my longer than expected hiatus is please do not belittle the draining power of a PhD - it more or less sucks almost all life out of you. The energy drain immediately after I submitted gradually manifested in various forms, most notably in my physical and psychological forms. Oh well, I am on the road to recovery, as in to normalcy now, so, back to blogging :)

My apologies are also extended to two places that I was invited to review because my review is half a year late! I can just imagine how I would be blacklisted from reviewing any other place now 😞 No matter how late, it still is my responsibility to complete the reviews. Therefore, the first two entries of my return to the blogosphere would be on these two places:

Green Tomato Cafe

Many of the upcoming entries would obviously be backdated because I would have eaten and traveled much in a year. I will strive to keep the information as updated as possible and apologise if there discrepancies between what I write and with information provided by others.

Nice to "see" everyone again and happy reading!

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