Monday, November 21, 2011


那些年,我们一起追过的女孩 or You Are The Apple Of My Eye is a novel written by famed Taiwanese author, Giddens Ko, or better known as 九把刀. The novel is about the personal experiences of the award-winning writer, who is equipped with an MA from Tunghai University (THU). This also means that the characters in the story are real persons.

Now that I am pursuing my postgraduate studies, I relate to why people say that an individual is attractive when talking about something he or she is passionate about and which holds significance in his or her life. Before watching the movie, I had friends revealing to me that they did not share the same enthusiasm reflected in the record-winning ticket sales of the movie in the cinemas. Despite their negative feelings towards the movie, I insisted on watching it.

For the first time in my life, I enjoyed a movie in Gold Class comfort, and a movie that tugged at my heartstrings at that. I did not find it as bad as what my friends said.

Several reasons I found the movie appealing, one of them being that it was a movie which did not require much analysing, one that is light-hearted and easy to follow. One that is perfect to unwind with after a hard day's work.

Although there was not much analysing involved, it did provoke self-reflection. I find movies that make you ponder on your own situation more worthwhile than movies that just give you an adrenaline rush for two or three hours and stop at there.

The natural acting skills of the lead characters, Kai Ko (柯震東) and Michelle Chen (陈妍希), were impressive.


Kai Ko, especially, put up a sterling performance considering the movie his first ever. Not surprising he won the best Newcomer Award at the recent 48th Golden Horse Awards. Only 20 years of age, hopefully this young lad does not allow fame and money affect his life in a negative manner.

The story is one that is close to the heart of the author/director, which makes the movie down-to-earth and easy to relate to. Also, watching it brought back memories of my own time in high school - the constantly perverted thoughts of my male friends, the overwhelming attention the most popular girl in class receives, friends who stand up for each other, the heartbreak of high school puppy love, the agony of whether or not to start an "official" relationship.

Some of my favourite scenes in the movie include this scene of when he covers up for her and receives the punishment on her behalf. The feeling of protecting the person you care for came straight out of this scene. This was when she changed her perception and ill-feeling towards him.

The scene in which she tied her hair up in a ponytail further strengthened his feelings towards her. When she and her bestie walked past his friends and he at the school oval, he was awestruck, literally.

I liked when they went on their first date. He was still pursuing her, still in the chasing stage, which in my opinion is the sweetest and most enjoyable stage.

It is always disappointing and painful when we put plenty of effort into something and do not get any returns. In this case, they both invested much effort into making 'them' work out and yet it did not. Even though it did not work out between them, they remained friends. At her wedding dinner, the boys asked her husband if they were allowed to kiss the bride. Her husband gave the green light but first with them kissing him in the manner that they would like to kiss her. He was the first person to plunge him on a table with a passionate kiss.

All the memories of their time together played in their minds. As the flashbacks played on screen, I teared up, as I could feel the memories, as well, if you get what I mean.



Lop Tui VUI vUI said...

This movie is really good to see. I've just played it from the beginning to the end. By accident, I'm searching google and being lead to your blog about the film. Great, I must say. It reminds me of the memories in the hight school time.
I want to collect the items in the film such as the T-shirt with a cute red apple and the novel which the film based on, but I dont know chinese, shearching seems to be hard. Could you plz tell me the ISBN of the book or show me where to buy it. I'm crazy at them. Thanks for the blog!

Chrys said...

The ISBN of the book is 9866130649, 9789866130649. You could Google it and perhaps buy it online. :)