Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dream on...

Something is seriously wrong with my head. I mean, how do you actually get ONE dream with TWO popular figures in it? To top that off, they were actually my DATES (or were they actually my boyfriends?).

OK, the dream started with us (the girls from choir and myself) hanging out at the SS2 Hawker Centre. And, that place was CLEAN! Imagine that place spick and span!! Then, I get a call from my 'ride' telling me that he's around the corner coming to pick me up. So, I got up from my seat. Since we were sitting right at the entrance, it was pretty easy to see his car driving up. Whoa, he has a damn chun car ok. Some two door sports car from some big name. Was it a Ferrari? Not sure, but it did look like one. It was kinda dark so didn't really get the colour of the car. He opened the door for me and *gasps* it was Chaw Ge!!!! Or Gary to some of you out there. My friends were like: OMG! You know him? He's your mate? When? How? I was in no mood to answer and I guess in a small way, I couldn't explain it either.

So yea, we went to some party somewhere. Supposedly, Daniel Lee, the winner of Malaysian Idol 2 was to be performing. Hm.. it'll be good to finally hear him sing live, I thought. I mean, to me, Nita was more deserving of the title but hey, Daniel wasn't too bad. With no vocal training and all that, he's done well but of course, with better vocals he'd go further. But you cannot deny the fact that he's very cute. He is!!! With that cheeky smile, that dimple, that guy-next-door face, the kind and polite demeanour, no wonder girls of all ages go ga-ga over him. OK, back to the party. I was sort of left to my own devices as Chao Ge went on with his 'pullings of strings' with other musicians and people I do not know. I wandered off and somehow I ended in a music studio.

This was where I met my next 'Prince Charming'. The studio was connected to a fish shop (of all places!) and it was a pretty cool place. Very simple yet stylish interior. Suddenly, someone walked through the door. He greeted me and flashed me a smile that was to die for. Weakly, I responded with a faint smile (how pathetic) and a simple 'Hi'. What bewildered me was what happened after that.

He and I seemed to know each other very well. He took me on a tour of the place. And to my surprise, his dad, who owned the fish shop was there, too. Prince Charming was very intimate with me. I mean, he kept holding my hand, whispering in close proximity, massaging my shoulders and neck and a few times he even kissed me on my neck when he was standing behind me. FUIYOH!!! Imagine Daniel Lee doing that to me man!!! Wa, unthinkable yet dreamable.... OMG!

OK, I'm sounding like I'm really losing my mind liao. I woke up after that. Guess I couldn't handle the pressure of being in the lives of 2 currently very wanted male singers in the Chinese entertainment world.

I added an additional image coz I like how he looks dressed in all black. Kinda 'ying'.

This is the cover of his album - I'm guessing only coz I don't know really.

And I've not even bought their albums yet.

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Anonymous said...

buy gary's. the songs are super chunted.