Friday, February 16, 2007


Guess where I'm at now... Melbourne!

Yes, yes, I didn't plan to visit Melbourne but when you are all alone in an empty unit in Sydney with Ta Seng not living around the corner any longer, you tend to make decisions just like that.

I called Mum on Sunday to talk (as I was seriously bored out of my wits) and I told her that I was toying with the idea of heading down south for the Chinese New Year. I was whining about the silence in the house and how inconvenient it can get when I stay over at XW's. I was not prepared to spend the CNY alone, at a dinner with unknown people or with Petrina's in-laws (how can I have reunion dinner with angmohs??!??) so spending CNY with family, as in REAL family (my bro and 2 cousins) sounded like the best choice.

So I informed Dad that I was going to use his credit card to buy my Virginblue tickets and off I was to Melbourne. The weather here has been fine. Unlike Sydney, which is wet at the moment, Melbourne is warm with cool breezes. At least I managed to sweat when walking Mei Mei to school.

Went to have a look at bro's place. Not bad I have to admit. The house has character. In my opinion, his room has the best layout and size, although I thought that by facing the kitchen, it would smell the worst as time goes by. But the place was clean and looked well-maintained. Hopefully, it will stay this way for a long time to come.

And now, I'd need to call Sydney to arrange my observation days (yes, I am doing work while I'm here, too. It's not all play, you know). After that I'd need to change as we're heading to the city to meet up with Wen Jun for lunch. Hopfully, we'll be able to catch Sharkfin's yam cha session.

Until my next impromptu holiday, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!

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