Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A little observation of my own:

What's the diff between the following?

1) Walaueh!
2) Wasai!
3) Wakao!
4) Wabiang!

Haha... actually, they all mean the same thing, right? All expressions of surprise, astonishment or disbelief. The diff is in the people who would use the terms.

If you use walaueh, you'd be either Malaysian or Singaporean.
If you use wasai, you'd be Taiwanese.
If you use wakao, you'd be Chinese from Mainland China.
If you use wabiang, erm, actually, I'm still finding out more about this one. I know of only one person who would use this and she's a Hainanese young lady from Kelantan currently working in Singapore. A bit the complicated.

(I can see some people with their brows arched wondering what the hell I do here in Sydney....) Haha!!

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