Thursday, November 15, 2007

Roadtrip! (Melbourne Leg 1)

Warning: The next few entries are going to be really long-winded.

September 12, 2007

DJ888, 8:15pm. I arrived in Melbourne with only one backpack. Amazing? Not really. I've always enjoyed traveling light. All 6 days packed in one backpack. By the time Pei Shin and I got home from Glen Station, it was close to midnight. Or was it past midnight? Don't recall. It was great to be with my cousins again.

September 13, 2007

I think I was at home all day. The girls had something to do in school/church so I was left to my own devices. When they got home, Pei dropped me at the bus-stop for me to catch the bus to Monash. Was meeting up with my beloved CPU buddies for a Mooncake Festival dinner.

Mei was watching Gilmore Girls on DVD when I got home and of course I had to join in the fun! I watched till Pei got home from her friend's birthday bash (around 2:00am). Watched till about 4:00am and we slept in the hall.

September 14, 2007

Mum and Dad arrived while I was having dinner with Cheng Cheng Jie Jie.

Yes, I have yet another cousin in Melbourne. It was a dinner to celebrate the completion of my degree. And she gave me a cute soft toy dog wearing a mortar board and a scroll in its mouth to make up for not being able to attend my graduation. How sweet. She's always been very caring towards me. A friend of hers came along as well. Very friendly fella who drives a Silvia. Damn cool.

Then when I finally met up with Mum and Dad, I WAS SO HAPPY! Finally! I think Dad scared the hell out of Jie Jie when he hugged her. Haha.... As they were hungry, they had makan at a HK cafe (similar to Char Chan Teng) in Glen. And guess what? I bumped into Wil Min! 5 years since we'd left college and we meet in Melbourne! And I don't even live in Melbourne... haha...

After that, Mum and Dad sent me back to the girls' house while they spent the night at bro's. I continued GG and slept in the hall again while Pei 'flirted' over the phone. Man, it's so obvious you're in love la girl...

September 15, 2007

What is it with breakfast places in Glen? Breakfast means morning meal means YOU HAVE TO BE OPEN BEFORE 9:00am!!!! Anyways, we settled for this posh-looking place and I'd have to admit, their food was pretty good! I shared a large omelette (how do you spell that??) with Mei and we still couldn't finish it. So, it ended up being quite worth the money. After bringing Mei and bro back to their respective homes, it was time for us to begin our journey West.

First stop: Geelong. Had to stop to walk around eh? I mean, who wouldn't? So Dad and I bought coffee and we walked around to see the bollards. Very interesting and some were funny! They each have a story to tell. Simple idea but effective. We then drove on to the Great Ocean Road.

Second stop: 12 Apostles. One word: magnificent. Too bad we were in the wrong direction of the sunlight. Made taking pictures slightly more tricky.

We then continued on to London Bridge and Loch Ard Gorge.

To me, it wasn't the sea view and the rocks that took my breath away. It was more of when I was in the car (we rented a brand new Nissan Outback, by the way). It was just unfathomable, the power of a more powerful 'someone' or 'something' up there (sorry for my lack of a more expansive vocabulary). One wide side of the highway, it was the vast and fierce sea. On the other, it was peaceful plains and green pastures.

We took the less trodden paths and we were rewarded with spectacular views. It was the first time I've ever seen a wind farm!

And no wonder it was there - the wind very nearly swept me off my feet! I mean, how can it not when even the four-wheel drive was shaking!!! If you look carefully, you'd be able to tell that I was barely able to keep my eyes open! Scary!

It was a VERY LONG DRIVE from Melbourne to our next stop. After an entire day, we decided to rest in a middle-sized town called Warnambool and stayed at Best Western for the night. We didn't get to see much as it was dark but I do know that it was a place famous for it's seafood and whale nurseries.

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