Saturday, March 15, 2008


"Huh? Where's Madang?"

"Tai so, how can you not know where is Madang?"

So yes, that was my introduction to Madang, a very popular Korean restaurant in the heart of the city that sounds like a kampung we have back in Malaysia. Situated somewhere in the backstreets off Pitt Street, this restaurant's ambience abd service speaks for it's popularity.

We met up for dinner for 2 reasons: to sort of celebrate Melvin's birthday and to let everyone meet Yu Sheng and his Jenny. I think there was a third reason: to welcome Jenny (Tan) back to Sydney.

The guys did the ordering since they've been there before. My gosh, even when we arrived there was a queue outside. We ordered lots and it's amazing how the 4 swimmers there still have their enormous appetite. There were 2 kinds of Korean pancakes (seafood and kimchi), there was a sort of a tofu miso soup which I didn't really enjoy and we had one type of bbq and steamboat each.

It was funny how our seating arrangement reflected out status. I was, naturally, at the 'singles' table with Jenny (Tan), Miow and Melvin.

Nic and Clarrie, as well as Yu Sheng and Jenny (Chan) sat at the adjacent table. They were in charge of the hot plate while we were in charge of the hot pot. Fair. Sorry yea, I didn't ake any photos of the food.

After dinner, I insisted on having hot chocolate and someone suggested Lindt Cafe. So yes, Lindt Cafe it was and it was there where I was more or less 'trashed' by Nic and Miow. What is so surprising with me knowing who Daphne Tan is?!?!?

Oh, and while walking to Jenny (Tan)'s house to collect my stuff, we bumped into Govin and Deidre. The last time I saw Govin was probably at the M-Fest 2 or 3 years ago! Wow! So glad that he finally received his PR after a year-long wait.

So, where to next guys?

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