Friday, October 31, 2008

My Kiwi Experience!: Mount Cook

As our German friends made their way to Queenstown, we made ours the opposite direction. We were lucky to have clear blue skies. The drive was a long one but it was made interesting by views of the following:

The endless plains of white.... ahh.... and I'd have to agree with Pet that from the plane, the sheep would look like fleas. Hahaha.... And then, we saw her.... the infamous Mount Cook!:

We had a quick bite at one of the hotels before heading off to do our selected walk. Gosh, if anyone who is reading this is planning to head there, please bring your own food. The price of food there is just ridiculous. But, I totally recommend the view from the hotel's cafe balcony. And, this is why:

Love the clouds! To me, they looked like they were flowing towards the peak. Wah, sungguh menakjubkan! Ok, so after filling our tummies, we went for our walk. We spent some time looking for the place, actually. It was quite funny to think that we actually got 'lost' in such a small place.

Highlight of the Hooker Valley Walk would have to be the partially frozen lake. We made it a point to reach the second bridge and from there, we headed back as we had to reach Lake Tekapo by nightfall. Haha, ok, if getting lost was funny, this has got to be funnier: us SWEATING up there. It's Mount Cook leh, my gosh! Us, sweating there!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!! Just before we reached the parking lot, Pet stumbled upon a furry friend:

After having enough of the mountain, we headed back down. Along the way, we heard some funny honking sounds. We looked at each other wondering what it could be. Hm, we didn't know that sheep could honk... hahaha... then we stopped by the roadside to check it out.

Me: Er, there are black spots on the water. Don't think they are just tree stumps leh.
Pet: Ok, Shij, I don't think tree stumps can fly.....
Me: Wah... they are geese!!!

So yes, we found out what the honking was. Curiosity satisfied, we scurried off again, not knowing that we would be making various stops along the way. Well, if you see the pictures of Lake Pukaki, you'd understand:

We arrived Lake Tekapo in time for dinner. Having secured our beds for the night at BBH Tailor-Made-Tekapo, we tucked into a hearty dinner at Reflections. We noticed the many awards they had on a wall and thought their venison would be good. Pet had Peppered Venison for main and a Sticky Date Pudding for dessert. I, on the other hand, had Salmon with mashed peas for main and a slice of tiramisu cake for dessert. Two thumbs up for the food!

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