Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two decades and a half

It was a day filled with surprises. Actually, it all started even from the day before. It was nothing extravagant like what Jenny had (I think she had a total of 4 cakes or something like that) but I was touched nevertheless.

There were calls, both local and international. There were e-cards and e-wishes in my e-mail boxes and on Facebook. Oops, I think I missed something. One surprise arrived a week early actually. I received a card at work affixed with an Australian stamp. Squeel! Birthday card from my darlings in Sydney! A day after the card arrived, a parcel arrived. Opened it and lo and behold, a product [red] iPod nano with my name engraved! Woohoo! How can I not love you guys?

Okay, continuing from where I left off, there were SMSes from close friends and some I've not seen in ages (how the hell did you guys get my number?). I went to bed pretty late because of some calls that came in at midnight to remind me that I'm not a young girl anymore.

Then on the day, I was caught off-guard by a fellow staff member who gave me a big hug and a box of candles beautifully wrapped up in green and gold. Other staff followed suit with wishes and hugs.

But the best parts were these:

A personalised handmade card from all staff members. I was truly surprised and not to mention happy!

And also, the children coming up to me to hug and wish me happy birthday.

To everyone of you, thank you.

P/S: Happy birthday to Mummy and li'l bro!

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Roti Kacang Merah said...

you mean... two DECADES and a half, no??

anyhoos. happy burfday soozeeeee!!!! well, we in NVT used to call you that, right? man you were only, what, 13??? how time flies, ey.

hey this is such an old post! what happened, la???