Saturday, March 07, 2009

25 random things about moi

I did this in fb and I thought I'd be a nice addition to the blog, too!

1. Most of the friends I have today have gone through 18 years of trials and tribulations with me.

2. Some of the nicknames my friends gave me include Guinea Pig, 'Sai Jing' (as in Small Jing), Papan and CNN.

3. According to close friends, I have not changed one bit since the day they got to know me (especially my hairstyle).

4. Apparently, I sound like a 5-year-old over the phone.

5. I love chocolate, especially when put together with banana or strawberry!

6. I prefer cold over hot weather as I can put on more layers but can only take off so many...

7. I have a terrible temper, one my brother likened to a pot of water that will boil if put on my head when I'm angry.

8. I have been driving my Toyota since the day I received my Ps and I don't think I'd sell it.

9. Oh, and it's manual. Auto cars just don't give me the umph..

10. I'm 100% Hakka.

11. I need my sleep. The only time I don't need it is when there's a drama to watch on YouTube.

12. I'm into music but I'm not musically-inclined.

13. I love dancing but I totally suck at it.

14. I just adore children! Come to my workplace and I'll teach you to love them, too!

15. According to some sources, I have OCD. To me, I think I'm just a clean and tidy person.

16. I am careless with my choice of words and even less so with my facial expressions. I apologise to all whom I may have disheartened.

17. My sense of dressing is plain. Give me t-shirts and denim skirts with sandals anytime!

18. I do not know how to apply make-up. I save lots on cosmetics. HAHA!

19. I am proud of my good sense of direction and my memory - birthdays and landmarks, I'm very good at!

20. I've travelled to a few places on my own - Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Adelaide and Christchurch. Hoping to add Taipei to my list soon.

21. It is difficult being my friend because I'm a difficult person to be with. Therefore, I'm grateful that I have my handful of friends I can fall back on. Thanks, guys!

22. I love to talk! I don't blame people for asking me if I'm okay when I'm quiet.

23. My favourite colour is pink but I somehow end up buying mostly black, blue and white.

24. I've never studied at a Chinese school but ahem, my Chinese is not too bad! Hey, I can read and write also ok?

25. I've been falling sick constantly for the past 6 months. I think I need to go consult a Chinese medicine practitioner now...

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Petra said...

you are not a difficult friend la. twit. =D