Wednesday, October 14, 2009

6 weeks worth of thank yous

My momentum did not return automatically. It took me at least 2 weeks to get it back - in my reading and writing. I finally understood how much pressure Mum went through while doing her disability course. I was seriously thinking: Do I really want to do this? It will be a long, difficult road to traverse but if I do not do it now, when will I?

It was definitely good to meet up with Emma and Manjula personally. It gave me more confidence, more sense of security. They made it sound like yes, it is hard but not that hard. It is a matter of keeping to your deadlines. Deadlines - since when do I work well with those?

It was not all work. I managed to squeeze in some time to enjoy myself, as well, which brings me to the essence of this post: to extend my thanks to the people I know here in Sydney....

Jenny, thank you for approving my application for PR at your George Street house. It is my official vacation home. Thank you for all the fun events. Thank you for coming all the way to my place to teman me when I was sick and depressed. Stay strong and you know we are always here for you.

Auds, thank you for just being around. You are always one I can count on to share a car with to go on impromptu roadtrips and expeditions. Thank you for going everywhere and anywhere with me in search of good food. Thank you for listening to things that you were not willing to. I will be praying for a smooth interview for you.

Xin Wen, thank you for your lovely sofabed, your healthy breakfasts and all the girly pillow talks in your room. I am glad that you and Justin survived till today because I believe that despite everything, with your determination and commitment, it will work.

Angeline and Chee Sing, thank you for spending time with me. You guys even came all the way up north just to spend extra time with me. How touching...... Thank you for the random times I crashed uninvited at your place.

Shaun, thank you for borrowing me your scanner. Thank you for your kitchen and letting Auds and I shower at your place. Thank you for keeping my letters. I promise I will get my furniture out of the place as soon as I find a new place. Hope the issue with the agent gets settled soon.

Jona, thank you for just being you. I love how you never fail to lighten up situations. Thank you for your willingness to drive us girls around.

Justin, thank you for letting me crash at your place so frequently. Thank you for all the free meals. Thank you for bringing me out to parks. I will be praying for your company.

Yu Sheng, thank you for the words of wisdom on choosing to continue studying. I will look to you for inspiration when the time comes.

Miow, thank you for attending the functions I have organised. I always enjoy your stories.

Nic, thank you for letting Jenny and I come up to your house unannounced. Thank you for that packet of Indomie.

Melvin, thank you for attending every dinner I have organised. It is nice to know that you bother to make time for me.

Michael, thank you SO MUCH for helping with the booking of Cargo Bar. Thank you for entertaining me over the phone. Look forward to next year...

Edison, thank you for walking me back to Chippendale. Thank you for understanding my 'emo-ness'.

Wilson, Vanessa, Ee Wing, Tze Xian, Kelvin, Kevin, Girish, Charmaine, Ananda; it was great geting to know you guys. Wish I had more time.

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