Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet 16

1) After several years of non-exciting CNYs in Sydney, I finally got to soak in the red atmosphere of 2009! Oh, how I will miss the vibrant sights and sounds of ushering in the new year with family members, friends, lion dances, CNY songs and angpaus!

2) Shopping in Midvalley Megamall, The Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, Berjaya Times Square, Pavilion and The Mines... and not to mention the creative decorations... why don't the shopping complexes here in Sydney do the same? Am glad that The Mines has changed managements as they have improved heaps! Parking is a breeze now with the sensors and with the opening of the new wing with big brand names, I am sure they will garner more patrons.

3) Managed to catch only 2 movies throughout m one year plus in KL - Sell-Out! and Tiger Woohoo!. Both local movies, I only have this to say: Malaysia Boleh!

4) I have not frequented Redbox Karaoke as much as I have this time around, thanks to my lovely staff member, Miss Teoh!

5) How many weddings? Hm, let's see. There was my cousin, Meng Cheng; my fellow choir member, Sei Mei and high school classmates Fei Mian as well as Dorothy.

6) Overseas trips on my own? Hell yeah! Went to Taiwan on an all-island tour with Reliance and made new friends. Mum sent me on a study trip to Shenzhen and Guangzhou and yup, I came back to Sydney for 6 weeks a few months back.

7) Found out new places to head out to for food: fullhouse, Ampang Lookout Point, Gasoline, Old Town White Coffee, Delectables, The Chocolate Lounge, Papparich, Sweet Bean, Station 1 Cafe, Island Red Cafe, Milwaukee Steak House, Cowboy, Pitstop, Sushi Zanmai and not forgetting the mamak in Bukit Serdang!

I also signed up for Herbalife's nutrition breakfast program and have been following Mum and Dad to their organic and vegetarian dinners.

8) Old friends: Pet, Max, Jon, Rick, Yin, Ai Ling, Dor, Weng, Tai Wai, Yuen Chai, Nelson, Raymond, Edwin, Tommy, Guek Ming, Fuh Ming, Siew June, Wai Meng, Eva, Robin, Yeow, Wai Hoong, Mei Ann, Husaini, Alexis, Joe, Pin Kean, Yun Hau, Peng Wai, Yee Teng, Lee Sih, Sim Yee, Yew Fon... it was so good seeing you guys again.

9) All staff members especially Miss Wong, Miss Lee, Miss Yam and Miss Teoh: It has been my greatest pleasure working and hanging out with you guys!

10) My babies at Honey Bee: Grow up into responsible, happy and caring little Honey Bees! You will make us proud! Sniff, sniff, I am so gonna miss you guys........

11) Ex-students, especially Li Xin, Munn Yee, Chui Mun, Chui Yee, Justin, Jie Hui and Chee Kin: How come I don't feel like I'm older than you guys and that I am your 'teacher'? Haha... you guys keep me young at heart and just let me say, it is such an honour to have students like you guys. Hugs! Do keep in touch ok?

12) I went to take studio photos!

13) Jennie from HK came visiting!

14) Met new people and made new friends. Of special mention would be Miss Teoh's high school friends Wai Leng, Pooi Yee and Yi Ling (whom I went cycling with after I don't know how many years of not touching a bicycle!) as well as the lads from E-Learn Dot Com, Chia, Ming Xy, Ah Boon and Scott...

15) Purchased new property that hopefully would be ready by the end of the year or hm, by CNY next year!

16) Of course, the best part of my 16 months in Malaysia would be the time spent with family. No matter if those times were good or bad, sweet or sour, nothing can replace that special feeling of just being home.

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