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The Rocks Aroma Festival 2010: Circular Quay West, The Orient and The Oasis

My walk down Circular Quay West started with my fascination with something that looked like this:

They are called Spiral Spuds and they literally are, spuds in spirals.

More of the stalls along Circular Quay West:

Real Chai

I so love those boxes the chai is packed in! RealChai is an indepedant Australian company, formed in 2008, specialising in unique boutique spiced tea blends and is based in Canberra.

I Love My Chocolates

Located in Cherrybrook, they also have chocolate fountains for hire.

Dutch Poffertjes

At first glance, I thought they were takoyakis. The other thought I had was that they were kaya balls. But no, these were poffertjes, which are similar to a mini pancake and served with melted butter and icing sugar.


Located along Parramatta Road in Homebush, they serve authentic Italian biscuits. Looks like another good makan place near my house!

Voodooo Hot Chocolate & Rocky Road

The names says it all! They will put you under a Voodooo spell!

There was also a stall there promoting Leura:

Do visit my Blue Mountains post for a personal report... hehe...

Sacred Grounds Organic

We sell this brand of coffee at PappaRoti!

And I met another friend!

This is Lily, my coursemate from way back. I think the last time we spoke was in third year? That was back in 2006, I think! She is now doing her Masters back in MQ and teaching in a primary school at the same time.


If you tell me you have never heard of Fairtrade, I will seriously smack you...

Marlin Fine Foods

They have an extensive and diverse product range that includes banana breads, cakes, slices, gluten free products and packaged retail items. They distribute throughout Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Wollongong, the Southern Highlands and down to Nowra. To all my budding business friends, if you are looking for a business opportunity, they are in discussion with a number of people around Australia and the world regarding national distribution and export opportunities.

Aussie Health Snax

They are an Australian owned and operated business that produce a unique range of hand-made healthy snack bars, treats and natural muesli. Their traditional family recipes were developed in the pristine environment of Kuranda, (Far North Queensland). They offer convenient and tasty snacks that are all gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, as well as trans-fat free and cholesterol free. Many of their products are low GI and are a great option for diabetic snacks, as they are made without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. They also carry endorsements by the Ceoliac Society of Australia and Kosher Australia.

Simply Stirred

Their range of stir fry pastes, dressings, condiments and marinades has won a total of 8 medals in food shows across Australia in 2008.

Alpine Berry Farm

Since 2004, they have won 8 Gold, 13 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals in food shows. Their products range from jams, preserves, sauces to vinegar.

New Zealand Snack Food

They offer a wide range of Kiwi products that you are able to buy online with one short click of the mouse. You are able to purchase chocolate bars, lollies, chips and other stuff. They have a shop in Banksia, and are open everyday of the week. They are at the Flemington Markets on most Sundays.

Cafe Republic of Australia

Dust up on your coffee, tea and chocolate knowledge while getting a hot dose of the personal stories from 30-odd Aussie cafe personalities. Grab a copy for the sights, stories and flavours of Australian cafe culture.

✒ Your Nuts

Kacang, anyone?

Right down the Campbells Cove Precinct was The Orient, which as its name suggested, would have stalls offering 'oriental' produce:

Aslan Coffee

When I read their signboard, I thought, "Hm, must either be Indonesian or Malaysian..." But I guessed it would more likely be our Indonesian neighbours have a better reputation with coffee beans.

Valley Green Tea

They offer all six main categories of teas: green, white, yellow, Oolong, black and Pu-erh (compressed tea). And they were offering sample tea for $1!

At the time I was at The Orient, Bobby Singh and Friends were playing on stage.

I was so excited to see a sitar being played! Continuing our oriental journey...

Rainbow Chai

They have nine unique beverages and you even get free samples when you order online!

Keep Cup

As we are big on saving the environment now, the Keep Cup is one of the many ways you are able to play a small part in that initiative. Reusable and cutely colourful! Oh, and read the instructions on the piece of paper below. Never knew such innovation existed:

Artisse Organic

Their products are non-irradiated, does not contain artificial additives, genetically engineered ingredients and does not have added MSG.


Tea-Cha Australia is a company dedicated to innovation in the way tea is experienced and enjoyed. They have developed their own unique 'Tea-Cha filtering process', which they explain more on their website.

As I walked along Hickson Road towards The Oasis, I noticed a long queue...

... for this...

... befitting the atmosphere over at The Oasis. It was as though I was transported to exotic lands of Turkish coffee, apple tea, gozleme, belly dancing, whirling dervishes and cheerful singing. Some of the food up for grab:

✒ The Baklava Stall

For those of you who do not know what a baklava is, it is a rich, sweet pastry made from many layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.

✒ Handmade Biscuits + Pastries

This stall had an assortment of wheat, yeast, dairy, gluten and sugar-free Nazuk, or Armenian biscuit and pastries.

Le Spice

Their spices are hand roasted, hand grinded and hand blended in small batches for freshness. Check out their website for some online spice shopping.

The Really Stuffed Olive Co.

Based on the Central Coast, their Sweet Pomegrante Balsamic took a Bronze Medal at the Sydney Show.


They provide 100+ varieties of tea to choose from, including black, white, green, rooibos, blooming, fruit and herbal tisanes. Based in Kingsgrove, they proudly support the Cancer Council of NSW.

There were SO MANY people huddled over at the stalls that sold the Turkish coffee, baklava and apple tea.

There were ladies adorning traditional Turkish costumes swaying to the lively music coming from the performance stage. Two thumbs up for ambience!

I also found this interesting:

I guess every culture would have their own versions of fortune-telling. Oh, and fancy a shoe shine, Sir?

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