Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bird's home

Last term, the children have been learning about a bird's home. Or well, that was the main theme. What they learnt were the topics that stem from this main theme. Therefore, everything revolved around the theme of the two-legged feathery friend's home. Everything including the three languages and creative arts.

As we are big on scenarios, the children were part of the process of putting them up with the teachers.

Over at the taska, the younger children helped with the leaves, which were palm prints. They also helped to scrunch up brown paper to give that tree trunk effect. The children also drew, coloured and cut the animals, which they thought would also live together with the birds in their home (i.e. forest). The green foliage is actually flyswat prints on butcher's paper.

Over at the tadika, the older kids produced a scenario that had more of a 3-D effect. Collecting branches from the garden, they reproduced a tree over one of the windows, rolled lidi together to make nests and crumpled paper up to produce 'birds'.

Somehow, they all had the thinking that birds live on trees. Wonder if it occurred to the teachers that they could point out to the children that some birds live underground and other places. However, it was good to see some children point out that birds also live in buildings and on the cables hanging from lamp post to lamp post.

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