Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bittersweet homecoming

I have been looking forward to this trip back home for some time now. At first, it was due to the reason of being able to fly on the SIA A380 (Yes, I am from some kampung somewhere as I have never been on an SIA flight and have never set foot in Changi Airport). Then, it was because I would be able to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends. In December, an extra reason surfaced - my grandma.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer.

You know how the Chinese believe that when an elderly person passes on, it would be before a big festival? Normally, it is said that they would not make it to celebrate with the family. Hence, my anxiety.

But negativities aside, there have been much happiness on the home front.

The youngest female cousin on my mum's side is expecting a bundle of joy in June while another cousin has given birth to a very adorable little Kevin in Melbourne. He has made grandma extremely happy, as grandma is now a great-grandma!

Another cousin - the prettiest and most popular of the lot - has also very recently signed the papers to a lifelong partnership. Her wedding is in March, which I unfortunately would not be able to attend.

My cousin brother and my brother both have also introduced their girlfriends, making many ask when it would be my turn to get a guy. Hm, would 'slow and steady' be an appropriate reply?

Some of my most loved childhood friends are also tying the knot. Rick and Jon, I feel so happy for both of you. Rick, I am so sorry for not being able to be at your special day. Jon, I will try my best to attend yours but of course, subject to availability... haha...

While some are moving up one on the love front, others are moving in a different direction. Max, Robin and Tommy - I wish all of you every best in your next big steps! You guys know I am a huge supporter, right? We need to catch up to fill in all the missing blanks!

The sunrays quickly take their last bow, as they pierce through the gaps in the clouds. Girded by silver linings, they remind me of how my life has been blessed by many people who love me for who I am.

I look forward to meeting up with as many of you as I possibly can, as I really do miss you guys.

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