Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bali (Last day)

Our last day in Bali started with a lovely banana toast. Balinese sure love their fruits.

We bade goodbye to Rumah Roda and were whisked to Kuta, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, and definitely an Aussie favourite due to its long beaches conducive for surfing.

With only half the day available to us for any amount of sight-seeing, shopping and eating before we have to take the flight home, we quickly visited the Bali Bombings Memorial.

Most of the casualties were Australian. We had bebek panggang (roast duck) for lunch.

At first we were skeptical of its originality but we were gladly surprised. The chilli paste that covered the duck was well done - fragrant and spicy! We hope the young lads continue with this small business of theirs.

And so it was farewell Bali and thank you for everything. I will be back!

On the plane, we had more banana! Gosh, I think I will not be having banana for a while.

Oh, and we were greeted with a lovely sunset over the Sepang shoreline and a bright orange hue at KLIA.

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