Saturday, October 29, 2011

AMSA Pamper Day

Free for all financial members and with a nominal fee for non-members, AMSA dedicated a weekend afternoon to the pampering of members and guests. A small and cosy affair, SMSA was a hive of activity for those three hours. The top three people in the association had their hands full (literally).

For the ladies, there was a beauty and facial care demonstration by Rose Tan, once a Kanebo beauty consultant, who assisted by our VP, Evelyn Tian, who also has experience in the business.

For the men, as well as ladies, our other VP, Prof. James Chin (a qualified practitioner) demonstrated ‘chi’ trigger pointing as a remedial massage technique learnt from a Thai monk. This technique has been used effectively to treat migraine, backache, shoulder pain and tennis elbow.

In addition, he used the help of essential oils from Young Living, similar to the concept of aromatherapy, to help with soothing the muscles.

After some 'hard' work, Evelyn decided to relax with some reflexology.

President Elvan Tong, who holds a Diploma of Swedish Massage from the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies, focussed on neck, shoulder, back, limb and foot massage to ease tension and loosen tight muscles.

What was Elvan using to massage the sole of the foot?

Apparently, it was a piece of turkey bone!

Those who did not get to pamper the bodies on the outside got to pamper their stomaches with many packets of biscuits and plenty of tea and coffee.

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