Monday, December 26, 2011

From Brisbane to Hervey Bay

We were pretty excited to start our long northbound drive. The first stop on our itinerary was Glass House Mountains National Park, 70km north of Brisbane. In The Genesis of Queensland (1888), the following extract from Lieutenant Captain James Cook's journal on Thursday, 17 May 1770 noted:

These hills lie but a little way inland, and not far from each other, they are remarkable for the singular form of their elevation, which very much resembles a glasshouse for this reason I called them the Glass Houses...

And so that was how the mountains were named.

It consists of a flat plain punctuated by rhyolite and trachyte volcanic plugs, the cores of extinct volcanoes that formed 27 million to 26 million years ago. The mountains would once have had pyroclastic exteriors, but these have eroded away.

This area is home to koalas, goannas, echidnas and grey kangaroos. We were lucky to spot one grazing in the bushes.

Many birds such as kookaburras, cockatoos, lorikeets, rosellas and peregrine falcons can also be seen. The glossy black-cockatoo, which is considered vulnerable to extinction, could also be found in the Glass House Mountains area.

After a short hike, we headed to Noosa Heads to look for lunch. We were not expecting many places to be open. It was Boxing Day, after all. From far, we saw a noodle bar and approached it. Surprise, surprise, it was a Malaysian place!

Apparently, A Taste of Spice is the place to go to for noodles in town. For dessert, we had some top-notch gelato from Massimo's Gelateria.

We checked-in at Pialba Motor Inn and after checking the place out, we went out to look for more food.

The most sensible place to start looking would be town and that was where we went. We stopped at all the restaurants along The Esplanade to quickly browse through their menus. My, my, they were all really pricey! Oh, and we found another Malaysian restaurant but ended up dining at Thai Diamond Restaurant. Due to the small portions (and expensive charges), we headed to The Beach House Cafe for some dessert.

Hm, let's just say there's room for improvement in the food section but no complaints with their service.

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Nava K said...

All the nature sceneries are breathtaking esp the backdrop of the mountains.