Monday, August 27, 2012

Masterchef Billy's Pre-launch

After work, I went to the city for a special event - the pre-launch of a cookbook by fellow Malaysian Billy Law of MasterChef fame.

I quite like the title of the book: Have you eaten? For us gastronomically inclined Malaysians, we would be very familiar with this phrase, as we normally greet people asking, "Have you eaten?", "Sudah makan belum?", "吃了吗?"

We had a little giggle when we read how it said that it contains his favourite recipes ranging from lamb roast to laksa. "Yes, that gives away the 'Asianness' of the recipes, does it not?" "Hm... why not char kuey teow? Maybe laksa is more associated to Malaysia?"

Each purchase of the book comes with a free tea towel.

Thank you, Billy, and wishing you every success with the book!

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