Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Kuala Sepetang Matang Mangrove Forest

During one of my trips back to KL from Penang, Dad randomly asked if I wanted to make a quick detour into Kuala Sepetang. From newspaper articles I have read, I remember it to be a world-famous mangrove reserve, recognised as one of the best managed mangrove forest reserves in the world.

It is also the oldest gazetted forest reserve in the country. Unfortunately for us, it was drizzling when we got there so we had to be careful while walking on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk paths were clearly marked with directions. Some pathways were closed off, perhaps due to the rainy weather.

Some of the signs put up were for educational purposes, explaining how the plants in the area serve as a source of life for other plants, animals and us human.

I used my walk to refresh my memory on what I used to teach the Year One children back during one of my pracs in third year. It was fascinating to look at the complicated root systems and also to watch little (and not so little) crabs and mudskippers scurry about in the mud.

The boards really helped with introducing the type of trees to the public, or at least, to me. I never knew that mangrove trees could grow to such heights!

This tree mangrove tree would be 66 years old this year...

Not only were the trees of admirable height, so were the ferns! The giant mangrove ferns were, yes, gigantic, alright!

Another visit warranted! Hopefully, when the weather is much better so that I could visit the nearby charcoal factory and to have some good seafood, too.

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