Monday, December 28, 2015

Piccolo Cafe

I remember the day they first opened for business, as I drove past with Dad as we were scouting for lunch. It was Deepavali Day in 2014, which makes them a little over a year old now. It literally takes me only 5 minutes to get to them, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because I finally have a proper cafe in my neighbourhood. Bad because I go to them so often - a little too often!

Who is this "they"? Well, they are none other than Piccolo Cafe, a brightly-lit music cafe situated on the first level of the same row of shops as CIMB Bank Taman Equine.

The owner, the very friendly Alicia, is my age and a coffee + music enthusiast like me! Oh, and throw in the fact that she gets to see my face every other weekend, we grew to be friends pretty quickly. She took me to cafes around KL and introduced me to people and places. I try to return the favour by doing the same, as I have other friends in the F&B business, too.

Piccolo, for those who are not in the know, is Italian for small. Musically, piccolo is the name of a half-sized flute that produces sounds one octave higher than a common flute. Coffee-wise, my first encounter with a piccolo was in Sydney, where a piccolo latte is a small latte. Specifically, a piccolo is a single ristretto shot in a macchiato glass that is filled with steamed milk in the same fashion as a latte.

Let me share with you my collection of photos from the uncountable times that I have been there, starting with their food. By the way, you are able to purchase vouchers and offers for their meals from places like Groupon and

Their Big Breakfast (RM16) is a hearty meal of garden salad, sausage, turkey ham, mushrooms, scrambled egg, baked beans, has brown and charcoal bread. Very filling for me and I take very long to finish it every time.

Their Chicken Chop (RM18) comes with choices of original, black pepper or barbecue sauces. For an additional RM3, it comes with rice and a sunny-side-up egg.

Later on, they added an OMG Chicken (RM18) to their menu. It works the same way as the Chicken Chop, just that it is deep-fried and does not come with sauces.

Deep-fried in a layer of their own combination of breadcrumbs and herbs are the fish fillets of their Fish & Chips (RM15). This was my favourite fish until...

... I tried their Chicken Burger (RM15)...

... and their Sandwich with Fries (RM12). I would interchange these two between my visits because I could not get enough of that sauce! What do they put in there, ganja? Why so addictive?

In addition to their Western menu, they have a smaller Asian menu. I quite like their Japanese Curry Panda Rice (RM12), as occasionally I do miss the sweetness of Japanese curry. The rice is balled into panda faces and on days when I am vegetarian, I ask for them to replace the chicken with more potato and carrot. I also try to pair my rice with Green Tea Latte (RM10) in keeping with the Japanese theme.

At one time, they offered a Japanese Grilled Salmon Bento as their Monthly Special. This one, I only had once because I preferred the above Panda one.

For when I was not really hungry, I have their Mushroom Soup (RM5).

For a quick fix of a random waffle craving, I would have their Waffle + Vanilla Ice-Cream (RM16). Please do not compare with waffle experts, The Owls Cafe. 

When I felt like only ice-cream, I sometimes have their Affogato (RM10).

And on very random and rare occasions, I would have a cup of Hot Tea (RM7) in various flavours. There is a box of Twinings sitting on their counter, where I pick my choice and when I am done with my first cup, I would ask for a refill of hot water. 

Most of the time, my coffee selection is Mocha (RM10). Of the many times that I am there, I think I only had Cappuccino (RM8) twice. Max normally has his Americano (RM6). Cath likes her Flat White (RM8). And so, here are the various cups of mocha made by the different baristas.

By Pei Xin

By Pei Xin (Before she learnt how to do coffee art properly)

By Samuel

By Pei Xin

3D coffee foam cat by Chorus (Charcoal Crepe Cake in background)

I normally do not have cold coffee unless it is absolutely withering hot outside. I think this happened only once because my tolerance towards hot weather is quite high. All coffee with additional milk or ice is an additional RM1.

In addition to Alicia, the key element that keeps bringing me back to Piccolo is their selection of cakes. I am always on the lookout for new cake orders and I know that Alicia constantly sources for different cake suppliers to make available to customers a good variety of cakes. All cakes are priced at RM11 per slice while those with alcohol are RM13 per slice.

Chocolate Crepe Cake

Cendol Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Pandan & Coconut Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

Carrot Cake

Black Sesame Cake

Rosy Mango Cake

Kahlua Espresso Cake

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey's Frosting

Nutella Ferrero Cake

Black Rum Cake

Chocolate Bailey's Cheesecake

They also cater to functions and large group bookings. Twice, I have had a custom-made fruit platter made for special occasions. 

I hope they stay open for a long long long time to come. Don't worry Alicia, even if there will be new cafes open, I will still be your loyal supporter! *teehee*

Piccolo Cafe
15-1 Jalan Equine 1C, Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 12 363 6004; E-mail:
Daily 10:00 am to midnight (including public holidays)
Cash transactions only
Wi-fi available
Separate air-conditioned smoking area

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