Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tropical Fruit Farm

I have heard Dad talk about the Tropical Fruit Farm in Penang once and have made it a point to visit the orchard the next time I holidayed in Penang. Therefore, this trip, I dragged the bestie couple and Jennie along on my fruit exploration.

We paid RM40 each to join a guided farm tour, which included a fruit place and fruit juice. The tour lasted about half-an-hour.

The guide spoke in immaculate English and was very knowledgeable in the fruits grown at the orchard. He even introduced the medical benefits of each fruit and there were some trivia info, as well. 

The orchard is 25 acres wide and has more than 250 types of tropical and sub-tropical fruits. Some are familiar to us, some not quite. The orchard uses organic fertilisers, some even processed on site from their own fruit waste. Chemicals are used only when absolutely needed. 

I found the guided tour educational and could see how it contributes to the eco and agro-tourism of the state (and country). I am pretty sure that not only will foreigners learn a thing or two but also locals, especially when the current generation spend much time looking at an electronic version of plants and not the real version.

We were also introduced to their enzyme processing facility and I ended up buying a bottle of special enzyme to helped with my period pains. Apparently, they have an online facility that allowed for online shopping of their products but the selection is limited. Hm, seems that I may have to visit them again to buy a bigger bottle of that enzyme!

Tropical Fruit Farm
Batu 18, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11500 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 4 866 5168; Mob: +60 12 497 1931
Daily 9:00am to 5:00pm

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