Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Ice Cream Bar Malaysia

There have been many local brands that make really impressive ice cream flavours in recent years and one particularly caught my attention when I realised their online presence, The Ice Cream Bar Malaysia. Why? Because I like eating ice cream and because they make ice cream that contains alcohol. Yumsss...

One night, the bestie and I made a trip out in search of dinner and set out to the nearest branch for dessert. We ordered a set of three scoops (note that ice cream with alcohol would cost more than "normal" flavours) - Bacardi Chocolate Crunch, Absinthe Frangelico and the classic Rum and Raisin.

My favourite was the Rum and Raisin, perhaps because I am familiar with that flavour. The other two flavours had their distinct tastes, but because I was less familiar with the two blends, I did not enjoy them both as much - this is not to say that they were not tasty.

The bestie and I quite often lament about how we lack a proper ice cream parlour where we live. Although The Ice Cream Bar opened a new branch in nearby Puchong, it is still not exactly right smack where we are. We sometimes talk about how we should establish one in our area to fill in the gap (cos if I am complaining about a lack of such a place, that would mean there would be other people like me, right?). Sometimes, our conversation on this topic would be so serious that we would talk about types of ice cream machines, types of alcohol and chocolate to mix in, even what furniture to have in our imaginary ice cream cafe.

So in the meantime, we shall just continue with the non-imaginary ones to fix our cravings.

The Ice Cream Bar Malaysia EFB | IG

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