Saturday, April 22, 2006

From Shij to Ling

The best Tai Kar Che of all time: Tay Ai Ling!

Ai Ling has been through thick and thin with me. She stood up for me when I was 'bullied' and she played pranks on me to test my personality (and I hated her for that then but love her now!). I shared some of my darkest secrets with her and her house was like my usual stop-over before heading off for tuition. Hm, it was just a place to bum around after school before heading off for volleyball practice or something else in school. She was a great volleyball player, maybe coz her second sis was a KL player. Runs in the family?

Like Rick, Jeunn and Petra, Ai Ling is a very direct person and she's not afraid to show her real personality. Very original person, she is. She would tell you off when she thinks you're being a real a$$ and would tell you that you're really dumb for doing or saying some stuff.

She is one friend whom I feel really secure with. I miss her lots. She's always working, working, working. She needs to as she has bills to pay. But now that she's in a new job which doesn't end at dreadful hours, she says that she'll be seeing more of me when I'm home - so happy!

Ling Che, life has not been the best for you but remember, the best always comes later than everything else. And besides, you'll last far longer in life than most of us will coz you've been through it and seen it all.

Happy birthday!

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