Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From Shij to Rick

I think April babies are the most direct bunch of people you can meet. They tell you straight in your face (or over the phone) things that would really hurt deep down inside. Things like, "You know, not everyone in school like the way you behave".... WA!! *Imagine me starting to cry*

Rick and I started from way back. From the time when I was a newbie in Primary 2, he was passing his paintings to me through the window panes whenever he walked pass to go for recess. Of course, that left me baffled and surprisingly, he himself still do not know why he did that. Just being the sweet 'tough' guy that he is. =P

He and Yeow taught me how to play badminton, which I still suck at. I sat with him throughout Primary 5 and we had 'races' to see who was able to hand in work first. Made me write so freaking fast! We were both prefects (believe it or not?!?!) and ah, he was the maths and arts genius.

Then we were in high school. Not sure why but I don't seem to remember the times I spent with him in high school as clearly as the times spent in primary school. So odd. However, I do remember the crushes he had on girls. Quite a few I would say but to save his 'face', I shall not name them. Oh, let's just say he used to sketch their faces when a teacher (usually Mr. Chin) was teaching up ahead. I would turn around and go, "Hor!! Not paying attention!"

I guess having grown up and spent so much time quarelling over everything has made him one of the most precious friends I have. Funny how the most painful prick (most hurtful friend, when loosely translated), turns out to be my confidante - the person I go to when in need, when I want to whine and cry, when I prefer to listen to negatives instead of positives - and occassional driver.

Rick, you cannot imagine how much I owe you for being direct and honest with me, for just trusting your instincts that "Shij is not like that" and for believing in me. Both Jeunn and you are one in a million (hm.. two in a million??)...

Happy 23rd birthday.

Lots of love, Shij.

[Hm, now, should I get you the pink or green T-shirt??]

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