Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Audrey in Sydney (Episode 1)

Day 1:

I followed Shaun to his practical exam in uni and waited for him to finish so that we could head over to the domestic terminal together to welcome Auds to Sydney. She gave us the wrong time (or I remembered the wrong time) so we actually waited for more than an hour for her and we were worried she got kidnapped or something. She is small enough to fit into a luggage bag, I reckon.

We brought her home, which she nicknamed our mansion. Haha, she's another victim of our 3-flight staircase. More casualties next month! But she thinks that it's good as it helps burn that little bit more fat. Haha.. What did we do? Nothing much, as far as I can remember (Auds, if you're reading this, please remind me of what we did!). We slept really late because I was making her guess which Disney cartoon my songs were from. Lousy la you, Auds, you could only recognise songs from Aladdin and the Lion King, sigh.

Day 2:

We said that we'd get up earlier to catch a Sydney Explorer bus. In the end, we did not because I only managed to get up at around 10. Sigh, such a let down. So, we looked at our plan again and set out to have lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks and then explore the areas around there for the day. We took the train to Circular Quay and Auds started snapping away! The Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the seagulls, everything! Unfortunately, we couldn't wait to attack the food that forgotten to take pictures of them! Gluttons! She ended up taking a picture of the menu.

We walked about in the Rocks Arcade. Auds bought a purple ducky candle. Auds has a thing for purple. As it was drizzling, we decided to look at things that had a roof above. We went into the Rocks Discovery Museum, which does not require an entrance fee but it is up to you to donate a gold coin or two. Very interesting place and super hi-tech! You come out of the place having a better understanding of how the Rocks became what it is today. We then went upstairs to the Information Centre and that is where we bought some souvenirs for ourselves. I bought myself a Buddy Bear t-shirt and 2 Buddy Bear postcards. Auds also bought 2 postcards and a World Cup edition of a Buddy Bear figurine. She bought the Spain one - no prizes for guessing which team she supports. We picked up brochures and asked about the Ghost Tour. If you do a Google search on it, you'd even be able to look at video clips of this tour. Spookiness to the max!

We headed outdoors when the rain let up. Walked down Argyle Lane and Auds took a picture of Biggles. Now, I don't know the significance of Biggles but I DID READ THE PLAQUE! I just don't remember what I read...

Anyways, we looked around for a way to get onto the Harbour Bridge because we wanted to do the Pylon Climb. I mean, instead of paying 200 buckeroos to climb the Bridge, I'd rather pay $8 to climb the Pylon to see the same view. And the view, I'd have to say is absolutely breathtaking. The 200 steps did not deter us one bit. Come on, 200 steps only ok. It's not like Batu Caves. Er, how many steps does Batu Caves have ah?

We headed back to Circular Quay and along the way, we chanced upon a shop selling buttons. All sorts of buttons! Big, small, tiny, huge, exotic, cute, ugly, shiny, dull, you name it! I bought Auds a pack of 8 doggie buttons as a birthday present. I wonder if she's already framed them up...

I took her to Customs House to have a look at the' underground model' of the Sydney CBD. Oh, and also to rest our feet for a while. Of course, when you are in Sydney, the Opera House is a must. To the Sydneysiders. They resemble sails of a ship. To me (and my mum and grandma), they resemble cockle shells. Along the way, I pointed out the different tiles that signified the Quay's past shorelines.

We walked over to the Botanical Gardens as I wanted her to see the flying foxes sleeping high up in the trees. I then told her the joke of what Shaun misheard his dad said. Uncle said, "They look very vicious". But, Shaun misheard and reacted this way: "Huh? What? You think they are delicious??!!!??!" Yup, left all of us in stitches.

We stopped in Woolloomoolloo for hotdogs and we attempted the very steep and long staircase that leads up to King Cross. Xin Wen then called to confirm that we could join her for dinner. And she also said the Jona would be joining us, much to Auds' delight. We walked all the way from King Cross back to Pitt Street. It was a VERY long walk but well worth it. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby and then headed over to Starbucks for some coffee.

The day ended very late for us. We took the 11:15pm express back home. We slept very well that night.

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