Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shaun's family

Last month was an extremely busy and packed (literally) month with many assignments due, presentations and visitors from home. There were 2 days when there were 3 families in my house. Mind you, I live on a third-floor unit in suburban Epping. No lifts. Stairs all the way up. There are three rooms - bedrooms and a master bedroom with an ensuite. That room belongs to Shaun as he has a double bed. As for me, my room is the nearest to the living room. Erin's room is right inside.

Erin and I had our rooms to ourselves. Shaun had to share his room with his parens, who slept on a queen-sized air mattress on the floor. Quite comfy, that mattress. Uncle SF and family slept in the hall with their electric blankets. There are 6 of them in that family - Uncle, Aunt, Darryl, Calvin, Beatrice and Anton. The four, or should I say, three (I don't count Darryl as a kid anymore) monkeys made the house really noisy. Beatrice was constantly in my room going through my collection of picture books. The 2 younger boys were occupied with the PS2. Aunty Gaik and Uncle SF were busy organizing stuff for their move over, so I was left with the kids most of the time.

Unfortunately, they came at a time when I had my Literature Review and Philosophy assignment due. I was extremely busy already and needing to babysit 3 kids was certainly challenging. Nevertheless, I took everything in my stride and tried my best. Emma was worried that I would lose my cool on my work so she wanted me to take a break and not worry too much. I tell you, Emma is THE best research supervisor anyone can ask for. I'm so going to cook my sweet and sour fish for her when she gets back from Bangkok.

Having Shaun's family over made me miss my family. I made frequent telephone calls home (and I still do) to 'complain' or to report my situation here. My parents are like my friends when I'm over here. Once I arrive home, that's a different story but we still are friends in many ways.

Through observing Shaun's family, his uncle's family and my friend's family, I learnt to appreciate my family more and to realize that every family have different opinions and priorities. Also, I asked the question of what draws different families to each other? How do different families live in harmony? What does it take? Why do parents treat different children differently?

Thank you for that short visit. It has provided me much fun and insight. Also, I would especially like to thank Uncle SF and Aunty Gaik for helping me with something very special.

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