Sunday, November 26, 2006

Busy Little Honey Bees!

I'm back in KL! Well, I've been back for almost a fortnight now but I only found time to sit and type today. So sorry for neglecting this blog. I know some of you have been waiting for an update.

Well, logically, there can only be one reason for my negligence - business. And I mean really. Oh, and of course it's human nature to blame others so I'll blame TMNet and my bro. Hahahaha... nah, I'll just blame my own time management.

I've been busy helping my mum with training the kids. One graduating class needed to start afresh with new steps and all as their original steps were extremely simple. The fashion show needed narration and now we've just realised that we haven't printed out the invitation cards. Mum's still reformatting the program so I'd have to wait for that before retyping and printing that one. Dad's doing up the certificates and the folders. Tomorrow we'll have our first rehearsal in the Tadika. Tuesday will be a full-dress rehearsal at the hall.

And yes, studying at Honey Bee does make the children more active and hyper - they are so excited and can't wait for Saturday to come!

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