Sunday, July 15, 2007

Greetings from SA!

We were ahead of schedule. I was welcomed with fine weather into Adelaide. Josh was late in coming to pick me up from the airport but I'm in no position to complain.

Adelaide reminds me a lot of Melbourne, actually. The roads, the designs, almost everything. Feels very much like Melbourne. I've taken heaps of pics already. Some of you may have already guessed that most of them would not contain much of me in them. Unfortunately, I am only able to give a simple recount of what I've done or seen. Pics would have to wait till I return to Sydney.

Josh lives very near the airport. He shares a 2-bedroom place with an Indonesian bloke. Nice fella. Not that far from the city either. Had lunch at Sushi Train, where a friend of his works (the friend who lent the car to him to pick me from the airport). She was nice enough to give us a generous discount on our lunch and ahem, sushi here is yum, I tell you. We met up with Yu Sheng and Jenny (his bubbly girlfriend) at Central Market. Nothing like the wet markets in Malaysia. Well-maintained and well-designed.

Quickly, I'd just recap my day. I visited Rundle Mall, ate some glorious chocolate, visited the University of Adelaide (that has the most spectacular library I've ever been in) and had dinner at North Adelaide. Oh, met some really cool people here, too - Rudy, Josh's housemate; Disha, the girl who provides the car; Boon, the Bruneian swimmer; Jenny, Yu Sheng's girlfriend and their housemate (whose name has slipped my mind at the moment); as well as Wendy, a CPUian.

Oh, and it's amazing how waiting for your friend to finish work can let you learn the art of playing simple mahjong.

Tomorrow, we plan to head for apparently superb yumcha at this place called City Zen. Then it's off to some place that is famous for Beerenberg jams. Then I think I'll be paying Darryl a visit. Hm, time permits, Ben would be in for a surprise, too.

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