Thursday, June 26, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Episode 2)

I met Audrey's parents and grandmother for the first time today. We had breakfast at their place - nice townhouse Auds rented for them - before we headed down south. South-east to be more exact. We decided to take the coastal road while we it was bright and only take the freeway at the end of the day. Hence, we made a random brief stop to take in the freezing sea breeze. I took the opportunity to snap pictures of the infamous colourful Melbourne boathouses:

And look at this! This car was in front of us more than half the journey! I quickly took a picture of it as there are very few of these around. Notice how far apart the driver and the passenger are sitting. Oh, and it's left-hand drive...

Our first stop was Sorrento, town of Vanilla Slice. Honestly, it was nothing spectacular but worth a try. It's erm, a slice of pastry in vanilla-flavoured cream/fluff. Haha.. I'm bad at describing the things I eat. Sorrento is a quiet coastal town with a port that caters to ferries departing to and arriving from Philip Island and apparently Tasmania. It enjoys fresh air and picturesque scenery. There are also many B&B outlets, which suggests tourism demands.

Unfortunately for me and fortunately for my bank account, the glass art gallery down by the beach was not open. Otherwise, I think I'd have bought myself a pretty ball of paperweight.

On the way to the car to drive to the back beach, we saw this cute thing!!!:

Having explored the 'front' of Sorrento, we headed to Back Beach. It's still Sorrento but at the back where the waves are higher, stronger and wilder. The wind is much chillier and the seagulls seem to take longer to fly from one end of the photograph to the other. And, it did seem like the sky was threatening to pour...

Despite the gloomy weather, we were determined to see the places we planned to. Thereon, we drove inland to Arthur's Seat Maze. I'll leave it to the photographs to showcase the brilliant autumn colours and well-manicured gardens. Too bad we didn't have the sun or else we could have captured near perfect pictures!

Oh, and we took silly pictures as well. This place had all sorts of mazes and one of them was made out of gigantic tyres:

Oh, and let's have a task for you - spot Audrey!

Aud's dad walked on this maze that was supposedly 1.5km long...

After practicing our mazing skills, we finally attempted the main maze.

Auds and I followed her grandma and we were the first ones out! It was pretty scary as the hedges were really tall!

We'd definitely have sweet memories of this place.

Maybe our next visit should be when the maize maze is open!

We were left with this image to ponder on for the journey back to Clayton. Aud's mum thought it was a rock. I thought it was a cargo ship. What do you think that was in the horizon?


Ken Wooi said...

like the garden.. really looks nice :)

Chrys said...

it was lots of fun!