Friday, June 27, 2008

My last minute Melbourne trip (Episode 3)

Yet another gloomy morning in Melbourne. This time, we were northward bound. Instead of going towards the coast, we headed inland. Our destination was a very famous valley - the Yarra.

In all my years here (and not to mention the countless trips I've made to the state of Victoria), I've not seen Yarra Valley for myself. I've been to the Barossa Valley in South Australia and the Hunter Valley up here in New South Wales but Yarra? Nope. So finally, I get to see Yarra and in full autumn splendour as well!

First stop: De Bortoli.

We entered this building...

... for some wine-tasting. Uncle bought some cheese and I bought a bottle of erm... I don't even remember what it's called now. Well, it was their in-house Moscato which isn't called Moscato. Yes, I'm a Moscato lover.

We then decided to head on to our second destination for lunch, hoping that it would be slightly less pricey (which I highly doubted but anyways...). The second wine cellar we visited is the oldest there is in Victoria - Yering Station. They have such pretty autumn colours here! Why don't we get this in Sydney?!?!?!

Accommodation is also provided on the premises. Chateau Yering holds historic value and gives you a very English feel when you walk in. Not only did they preserve the original design of the building, they also use furniture and accesssories that were used in that era.

Oh, and you'd definitely smell the 'Englishness' as well, as they'd have the firewood burning.

As our tummies were rumbling, we walked over to the building that fed most of Yering's guests. I took a picture of Auds outside this building, which also features an amphitheatre:

I thought the design of the building was clever. They used recyclables such as planks off the wine drums:

The glass walls made use of the more-than-ample light they'd be getting off Mother Nature:

The high ceiling would help with keeping the building cool in summer and warm in winter:

All these were complimented with scrumptious food. I ordered a dish of duck:

Auds had salmon:

Her grandma had another dish of fish with pumpkin:

Uncle had er, I can't recall what it was but it had lots of aubergine:

Aunty had a platter of seafood of sorts I think. I can't really recall either:

There was a dairy nearby so we decided to stop there to get more cheese but ended up buying ice-cream instead. But it was good. Along the way, we passed a strawberry farm with rows and rows of the red fruits. We did not stop there. Instead, we stopped next door where there was a rose farm. Oh, and how can you not take pictures of beauties such as these:

We went home early because the next day was a big day for Auds. What day was that? Well, you'd just have to wait and see won't ya?

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