Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Kiwi Experience!: Arthur's Pass

Before we officially started our roadtrip, Pet brought me to a BBH motel to sign up for their membership. If any of you are planning a trip to NZ, I think this would help save you a few bucks as you pay lower fees for rooms and you get discounts on things. Just Google it up and you'd find something. Otherwise, just look for a sign outside the motel that shows a sheep with the letters BBH and ask to join as members. The $45 membership includes $20 worth of calls on an IDD card, which doubles up as the membership card.

And so, our first destination: Arthur's Pass. There were many pastures along the way so I took a picture of a typical NZ scenery:

Black and white cows with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.One cow was so friendly, it walked towards us!

I became so excited when the greenery gave way to whiteness:

So excited that I had to stop the car and get out for a photo! Yes, quite jakun this friend of yours....

Right, so when we finally arrived at Arthur's Pass, Pet said she had to do something. That something was to make a snowball and throw it somewhere. Haha.. at the Information Centre, we decided to do the Bealey's Walk. The person behind the counter explained that we wouldn't miss it as the green in colour Jack's Hut is situated directly opposite the carpark to the walk.

We totally missed it. We spent close to half an hour just searching for it. And the reason was because the hut was tucked behind a few meters of snow. The signboard showing the walk was buried under snow. But we still took our chance and went on the walk anyway.

As you can see, the track could hardly be seen! There was so much snow! Even the bridge was half covered in snow...

My advice is this: if you have boots, bring them along because they will definitely be better than wearing normal sportswear. My pair of Adidas was so slippery! Pet and I looked like we were dancing on ice! So funny!

The walk ended here:

It was ALL WHITE! There was so much snow and I kept sinking into it! Okay, I'm heavy, yes. What was amazing was that the snow was up to my knees.... wah.....

And there you go, my first snow adventure!

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squiikivois said...

The pictures of NZ look so pretty I wish I could teleport myself there right away! haha.