Sunday, April 05, 2009

Travellogue Taiwan: Back in Taipei

This corridor between the two blocks of buildings may not look like much but walk through and you'd find a treasure trove of food!

We walked quite deep in before we found what we were looking for:

Grandma Lai's Taro Balls!

They came in an assortment of colours and flavours! Personally, I thought they looked very much like our tangyuan.

There was also a funny and definitely memorable character at Jiufen - this funny-looking aunty:

Apparently, she dresses differently in exaggerated costumes to attract customers. She even sings songs! Dui mian de nan hai kan guo lai....

There were ocarinas for sale as well!

I couldn't help but buy myself one. Don't be fooled by it's attractive appearance and deceptive melodies. I mean, of course the people at the shop could play it with ease - they sell the thing! When I tried to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, gosh, I found out the reason I played the piano better than the flute...

We collected our things from a dessert shop (I bought over a hundred ringgit worth of dessert!) and headed back for Taipei city. We had to rush to catch the change of guards at erm, I don't even know what that place is...

Of course, a must-see in Taipei would be their world-famous museum. It houses the most valuable artifacts from China. Artifacts, which we may not see today if not for some visionary men who sacrificed their own lives to protect the Chinese heritage and history. And then it was makan time again. On our final night in Taiwan, we were brought to the largest night market in Taiwan - Shilin.

Just look at all the foodstalls! This is what you'd call a gigantic hawker centre!

Originally, we were supposed to spend out last night in the same hotel we did on our first night. However, there were some plumbing problems so we were switched to a 5-star hotel called Brother Hotel. And my, 5-star it was! Blessing in disguise, I'd say.

After putting down our luggage in our rooms, we headed out again to experience their MTRs. It was pretty straight-forward getting from our hotel to Shilin. Why did we head back to Shilin? Well, all we saw was the food centre. We did not get to see the shopping district. I ended up with two souvenirs for myself - a pair of Adidas and an ODM watch. Muahahahaha....

All in all, I'd have to say, it was a fun trip. I was lucky to have had that particular group of people on the trip. I am particularly thankful for the friendly tour guide. Although it was tiring due to the long rides on the bus, the sights and sounds made up for all of it.

Taiwan, I will be back and this time, I'll concentrate on just Taipei and perhaps I'd head up to Alishan!

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