Friday, May 01, 2009

Dor's big day

I know, I know... this wasn't exactly her BIG day but in Malaysia, it was! What she had in November did not include us so nah, we're not going to take that into account.

Dor really does know how to choose dates. She chose to hold her Chinese ceremony on May 1; Labour Day. Ah, convenient. Everyone would be able to attend as no one could say, "Aiya, I'm working on that day la". And so, we gathered at her Uncle Daniel's house in OUG for the exciting day.

When I arrived, she was still doing her hair and make-up. Then, Yew Fon and Yee Teng arrived and together, we made preparations. Making 'Boobs & Sticks' was rather interesting. We were trying to get the boobs to be the same size. Another funny one was kissing paper. We had to cover the entire A4 paper so yea, we were madly kissing the paper. Yew Fon was great in the kitchen, preparing the sambal and wasabi spreads.

And it was time... they have arrived! The first challenge was Boobs & Sticks. Song choice: Macarena.

It was super hilarious! I had to hide behind the girls to hide my glee!

Having passed that challenge, they were allowed to proceed into the house. Now, it involved food but it was still physical. Let's have a look:

Yup, this is called the banana push-up. They guys were to do as many push-ups required to finish the banana. Only one bite per push-up so, yea... Colin was amazing - he finished the whole thing with just one push-up!

The Q&A session was less daunting. Oh well, at least not to us. For me, all I did was ask the questions and try not to look like I was trying to give out answers... haha... For them, hm, I guess it was otherwise as Darren had to crack his head trying to recall dates and shoe sizes and what not. He was one lucky chap as his first guess of Dor's lip print was the right one! Other questions, he wasn't as lucky so his pals helped him with taking the punishment, which they could select from the following:

They do not look friendly, do they?

I am not going to post all the questions we asked here but I will tell you that Darren does know his stuff. Another question he was lucky with was the one where he had to pick Dor's bra out of a dozen of them. He managed on the first pick, again!

Then it was up the stairs. Yes, much closer to Dor now. He had to sing her a song through the door. Simple? Yes, if she did not make him improvise the lyrics. He actually sang Macarena but she rejected because it was not a love song. Haha! There was a contract that he had to seal with kisses...

And finally, the last challenge of finding the key to the door of her room. We prepared a pail of ice where there were five keys of the same kind. Darren had to use his toes to pick a key to try to see if it opens the door. And what do you know? The first key was THE key! My golly!

And so the fun part of the day came to an end. The next part, the tea ceremony, was a family affair so us classmates left the scene.

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