Friday, May 08, 2009

Jennie's in town!: Last day

Having spent a late night out (for the first time in my life, I arrived home at 3:30am!), we woke up in time to meet up with Belinda for brunch. Belinda was already at Midvalley when we were in the toilet brushing our teeth!

We were in a frenzy trying to quicken our paces! Quick, quick, bak kut teh is waiting for us!

Initially, we wanted to bring Jennie to Klang for bak kut teh but Klang wor, so far! Anyways, I wouldn't know which shop to bring her to. How would I know which are the famous ones and which are not? In the end, we decided on the one Dad introduced. It's this unassuming restaurant along the LDP, diagonally across the road from St. Ignatius. Although a tad pricey, it surely was worth it!

As we still had some time before Jennie had to check-in, we detoured to Ara Damansara for a cuppa. Glad that she liked the shop. I mean, who wouldn't?

We only had drinks as the bak kut teh had yet to digest:

Before taking Jennie to KL Sentral, we made a stop in SS2, as she wanted to buy some meat floss. We were caught in a massive traffic jam as the temple in Brickfields was making preparations for the candle-light procession later in the evening. However, Jennie still made it in time to check-in for her flight at KLIA.

Dear Jennie, thank you for dropping by. Remember that:

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杨秉松 said...

这间的东西真的不错噢,好吃!full house!牛车水! 对吗?