Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jennie's in town!: Touch down

Any of you remember my Hong Konger friend, Jennie? The one with the high-pitched voice? The one who is crazy intelligent? The one who can sing at the karaoke for four hours straight? The one who shared my wall for 1.5 years?

Well, she recently took a short break from her hectic E&Y schedule to pay me a visit down here in warm and stuffy KL. I was so happy to see her!

She nearly panicked at the airport as I was in the toilet when she came out of the arrival gates. Without coverage in the toilet, she couldn't get through to my phone and so, haha, she contacted Belinda instead. Of course, first thing you'd do when you've not met your friend in 4 years would be to give her a big bear hug!

We stopped by home for a bit to take down her luggage and freshen up a little. Went over to say hi to mum and we headed straight for chow. Haha, we are Chinese, aren't we? We will always be thinking of eating! I actually wanted to bring her to Qi Xuan's mum's shop for yong taufu but they don't open on Wednesdays so it was to Leong Ya over near the Mines. I thought she'd find the 'paper wrapped chicken' interesting but no, she'd seen it before. Cheh.

Decided to drive directly to Midvalley after that because I did not want to get stuck in traffic. Just as well because it was nearly peak hour. We did a little window-shopping while waiting for Belinda to arrive. When she did, we had dinner at Little Penang. Why that particular shop? Well, as Jennie's tight schedule did not allow for us to physically be in Penang, we thought we might as well have some Penang food here in KL. Little Penang would naturally be the first choice.

It's weird how Jennie thought everything we ordered tasted sweet. Even the laksa she had and the prawn noodles I ordered tasted sweet to her. She seemed to prefer the prawn noodle over the laksa but she was good sport, as she tried everything. She was obviously trying to withstand the spiciness of the food (she was sweating profusely) but she said, "Everything have to try ma!"

After that, we introduced her to yumcha, Malaysian style. You see, in HK, yumcha would be having dimsum in the morning. In Malaysia, yumcha would be literaly drinking tea of some sort at a mamak stall. Again, she found our drinks really sweet but liked the teh-o ais limau Belinda ordered for her. The roti tisu was too sweet, too!

She gave me a 'look' when I ordered my drink and said, "Wah, old habits die hard ah, you still love your Milo!"

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