Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jennie's in town!: Malacca

Today we headed to Malacca for a day trip. Well, strictly speaking, it was less than a day but the hour-long drive (one way) was enough to kill plenty of my brain cells. We did not get lost. We even managed to find a parking space without any hassle. Come on, if I can navigate my way around NZ and Australia, I don't see why I can't handle a place like Malacca...

After paying RM2 to the car park attendant, we walked along the River Walk towards Jonker Street. First place of recommendation: Restoran Chung Wah.

Famous for their chicken rice ball, Jennie could not stop drinking the sauce! Admittedly, their chicken was delectable to our tastebuds. The texture of the chicken was just right and the sauce, yes, just imagine Jennie licking the plate clean.

What better way to walk off the calories than to explore Jonker Street? We walked into the fashion boutiques that sold quirky t-shirts and colourful accessories. We walked into shops selling traditional handicrafts. We visited Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. I did not dare to snap photos as it was a place of worship and being the oldest temple in Malaysia, due respect has to be given.

Across the road from the temple, there was an attractive art gallery. I bought a cheap painting and took home some free bookmarks. The artist himself was there. There was a set of lily paintings which I thought would have suited Mum but hm, better not to be so spendthrift la. He was friendly and helpful, informing us of where to go for makan and for knowledge. We heeded his advice and foud ourselves digging into heavenly cendol and ais kacang served at Jonker 88:

We walked around the area to soak in the 'Malacca feel': pre-historic houses...

and literal kaki limas (five-foot ways)...

When you are in Malacca, you must stop by the Orang Utan House to buy their t-shirts. Today, we were lucky enough to have been served by the artist himself! Aiya, but I was too shy to ask for a photo with him...

On the way to the Peranakan museum, we walked past a shop that sold clogs

and when we showed Belinda the pictures, she pointed out that the person making the clogs was her uncle!

Any trip to Malacca would be incomplete without stopping by what's left of the fort, A'Famosa:

We climbed the hill at the back of it to reach St. Paul's Cathedral, or haha, what's left of it as well:

Oh, can you see Eye On Malacca in the background?

On the drive home, I nearly fell asleep. Jennie was already asleep by the time we got out of Malacca. I blame the highway for being too straight and green. How can you not fall asleep after eating so much in a place like Malacca?!?

I took Jennie to Belinda's house as it was her turn to care for Jennie that night. I had my dancing to attend. After dance, Yee Khai was sweet enough to take me out to Desa and together, we brought Jennie up to 'Little Genting'. As we couldn't find the place where all the makan shops were, we decided to head back down to Kuchai. Again, due to time constraints, Jennie's wish of going to Ipoh for the hor fun could not be fulfilled and was replaced with Old Town White Coffee's chicken hor fun. Haha, and guess what was her verdict?

Yes, it was too sweet!

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