Saturday, December 19, 2009

When the going gets tough...

Definition of tough varies from person to person. For a taufu like me, tough means different things at different times, for different circumstances. In fact, I personally do not like using the term 'tough'. It has a negative ring to it, don't you think?

To me, everything we do feels tough when we do not want to do it. Just think about it. When we have set our minds not to do something, even the simplest things will feel tough. On the contrary, the hardest things will become easy when we have told ourselves that yes, I will willingly do it.

It is a mind game. It is a psychological hurdle that we have to jump across.

So when from the outside, we seem like we are not grasping our own situation, most people would assume that we are roughing it out. Yes, the going is getting tough for her, eh? My, she must be struggling to pull herself together. But hey, wait a minute. Does she FEEL like she is having a tough time?

Let us look at the other end of the spectrum. He seems like he is level-headed, like he has everything under his control. He seems to be having a ball of a time. Yup, life is easy for him. But wait, is it really? Does he FEEL like the going is great?

It may show more on some people than others. Some people may seem like they are not in control of their own life more than others. Some may seem like they know where they will be in the next 20 years. But before you jump to conclusions, think: perhaps this is the way they have chosen to take to their destination? Okay, it may be a tad different from the path you have chosen but who are you to say that they are wrong or right?

Yes, you have every right to tell them your piece of mind. But when they are totally confused of their own situation, I think it would suffice to just shut up and provide some emotional support.

After all, when the going gets tough, it is not necessary that only the tough gets you going. We are individuals with different genetic setups so be flexible with each other.

For me, when the going gets tough, I remind myself that there is always a box of chocolate waiting to be consumed...

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