Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wholeness again....

In less than 12 hours, my family will be like a family again - my baby brother will be home! The last time we were together as a family unit was during CNY. Since I wouldn't be around for CNY next year, hm, I guess it's like an early reunion for us.

I really am looking forward to his return, as I've not lived under the same roof as he for periods of longer than 2 weeks for a long time. Hopefully, I'd get about a month this time around before I leave for Sydney once again. Well, hm, I'd better not set my expectations too high, as he and I would have plans for the remainder of the year. You see, we are both social butterflies and the home is more like a hotel other than the times when I have to help with stuff from work and argh, work on my proposal.

He touches down early tomorrow morning and by mid-day, he'd be in another town attending some function. And yes, some of you are laughing already because you guys know that he's going to drive the Toyota away! ARGH! Okay, let's all pray that when i drive the Merc, it will behave itself. Otherwise, all of you would have to come to this traffic maze of a sleepy hollow to take me out for drinks, makan, shopping and movies.

Get the hint?

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