Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It goes very well with that sign we see in many tourist and gift shops - once broken, considered sold.

With some people, it develops with time. However, with some people, it comes naturally.

I feel that it is natural for people to trust other people. We are, human, after all. And we are a collectivistic society. Mostly. So, we trust easily or would want to trust others without being judgemental. And when we trust, we do so whole-heartedly. Ideally, that trust is reciprocated and thus, a genuine relationship is born.

But when do we not trust? When trust is broken, everything starts afresh. It is like filling up a jug with water and then breaking the jug. You would need to get a new jug and fill it up again.

I guess whether to trust or not to trust varies greatly for every individual. When I choose to trust, you may not. And a person you choose to trust, I may not. Our reasons, will vary as well.

Trust is at the very fundamentals of all relationships, both on the personal and business levels. The trust will help instigate other values like appreciation and more importantly, respect. And, they all work hand-in-hand with each other. It is a symbiotic relationship between trust, appreciation and respect.

When a balance is struck, especially between two people, there is harmony and acceptance.

So now, I have to ask myself: Can I respect what we have and appreciate the things that have happened? Can I accept it all? Do I want to trust?

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