Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Agonizing April

Must something happen to me every month?!?!

Look at what happened to me this time around:

And I didn't get it by doing something amazing for Sports Festival or anything of the sort. Instead, it was due to a stupid design of the elevator in my new home.

I was going to the basement to reach the car. Xin Wen and I wanted to get our groceries from Coles and Harris Farm. I did not realise that there was a 2.5" gap downwards from the lift as I was stepping out. Thinking that it was a flat surface, I walked out normally from the lift and ta-da! Twisted my left foot inwards, got myself a few scratches and heard three clacks of bone. After that, it f**king hurt!

I needed help to even get back onto the lift. Luckily, another lady was getting on so she helped me. I had to ring Xin Wen to get her to come help me back upstairs.

Ice pack and what not, I am now hopping about the house when I need to. No uni, no nothing for a week. SAD.

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