Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home of my own

My bottle of ginger beer cools down on the floor while I type this entry with the tapping of white keys on a laptop. I sit stretched on a blue sofabed with the sound of DOTA in the background, and occasional vehicles passing downstairs. I can see the neighbours opposite chatting at the dinner table.

No, I am not at my own home at the moment, but while I type this, I am thinking of my own home. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally found a place to call my own.

After several rounds of browsing and shopping at IKEA, Target, Coles, Hot Dollar, Holy Sheet! and Bing Lee, the place is now nearly fully furnished. Well, I say nearly because we will definitely be getting more furniture as time passes. Hopefully, we won't be getting too many throughout our stay at this place, as it really is a bitch to move so many things around.

Ten minutes of brisk walking gets us to the DFO in Homebush. 25 minutes in the other direction gets us to Rhodes Shopping Centre. In between, we have Bicentennial Park and the Sydney Olympic Park. Yes, we are in wetland heaven, which means I get to go for evenings walks and jogs on wooden above-water boardwalks that snake through the wetlands.

The new place is situated in a large, high-density complex called Strathville. The different blocks have different balcony colours. Our block is yellow. We have a sizable balcony that faces the common courtyard and playground. We have a Foodworks in the front, which means we can just run down to grab a bottle of soy sauce at the last minute if we run out. To get in, we have a swipe card.

This lovely couple occupies the master bedroom. Their room comes with an ensuite and a built-in wardrobe. Their room is the room right next to the living room and has a window view of the playground.

My room is the second room and also comes with a built-in wardrobe. I have the widest window, which means that my room is the coolest. It literally is freezing when Michael turns the air-con on at night. I don't want to imagine what winter will be like... brr.... My window looks out to the train line - the trains go pass right outside my window.

This good-looking chap here is my other housemate. Michael's room is the only room without a built-in, making it the largest in floor space. His room is next to mine. Now, his room looks like a Man U show room. No other words to describe it, really. Oh, one more word probably - red.

Am glad that I have settled nicely into the new place. When everything is in place and when we have the time, we will set up a date with friends for our house-warming. So people, please be prepared for a weekend invitation soon. Then, you can come and see the place for yourself.

And for those back in Malaysia, I have started receiving bookings for a place to crash to save on accommodation for holidays. None of them are confirmed, though but please, do ask me before booking your flights.

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