Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PappaRoti Kingsford

PappaRoti will be opening in Kingsford on 3rd of December 2010, which is this Saturday!

As per normal procedures, PappaRoti is giving away FREE* buns to all customers on Grand Opening Day!

The free buns will be given for the whole week as well, provided you present a coupon distributed in the Smartsaver newspapers.

More importantly, PappaRoti will be using the opening of this branch to launch 10 new items on the menu for summer! And do not fret, these new items will also be available at all other PappaRoti stores.

Do join in to celebrate this momentous occasion and spread the word on this ridiculous promotion!

*Limit 1 bun per customer and coupon is required

PappaRoti Kingsford
Shop 291, Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW 2032

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