Sunday, December 05, 2010

Perth (Day 1)

It all started with this phone call conversation:

XW: I have something to tell you.
Me: What?
XW: I'm not going for paintball anymore.
Me: Ha? Why? Then what about me?
XW: Er, erm, you want to go to Perth with me or not?
Me: -speechless for 10 seconds- PERTH?!
XW: -laughs- Yea...

After several exchanges of e-mails consisting flight itineraries, we were on our way to the other end of the country (finally, after 8 years of my life here!). At 5:10pm, our Virgin Blue flight ended after what we thought was the longest domestic flight we have ever taken.

Perth welcomed us with a cooling breeze, which made us wonder why Sydney was warmer. Is it not summer now? Why so cold?

Holiday Inn Burswood was our abode for the two nights there.

The hotel is part of the Burswood Entertainment Complex, which also consists of InterContinental Hotel, Burswood Dome, Burswood Theatre and Burswood Casino. Having not checked into a hotel for more than a year, I was like an excitable little girl opening and closing everything I could - doors, curtains, drawers, cupboards - you name it!

I liked how the pillows were labeled to differentiate the soft to the hard pillows and also how almost everyone in the hospitality industry is trying to play a part in conservation.

The key card was plastic, though, but it said to relax...

... which we certainly did before we headed out for dinner.

An ex-classmate of mine from primary school came with her boyfriend to take us to a place called To To Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant and Asian Cuisine.

According to the Perth Food Engineers, service is poor, as it is laced with bad manners, slow servings and sometimes forgotten orders.

They were packed with patrons and seemed busy, which could mean two things: 1) they are good and so are popular or 2) they have efficiency problems with staff and service.

Fortunately for us, we did not experience any of the negativities, as Jane used to work here and helped us with ordering. Dishes were served promptly, as well. I wonder if staff (both past and current) get special treatment? Jane ordered quite a bit so I am going to do my best to recall what they all were (a little hard when I did not place the orders personally).

The typical Vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls:

Deep fried wontons:

Some sort of cold prawn and bamboo shoot salad:

Chicken satay with peanut sauce:

Stuffed chicken wings:

Fish sauce chicken wings:

Shredded chicken pho:

And a Vietnamese must-have, the combination beef pho:

Xin Wen and I thought the food could have been better if not for the high oiliness level. Otherwise, we found the food tasteful.

To To Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

To To Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant and Asian Cuisine
873 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, WA 6101
08 9355 2388 (Tel)

While Xin Wen stayed at the hotel to get some rest, I went out for supper with a high school mate. He brought me to Fast Eddys Cafe, a 24-hour place he used to work at. I liked the decor of the place, as it exuded a 'cowboy-ish' and 'antique-ish' feel.

Even the menu (which they allowed patrons to take with them) was in a 70s design.

On the table was a little placard with some trivia for patrons to read while waiting to be served.

For Joe, this plate of cop-the-lot burger (beef, bacon, egg and cheese with salad, ketchup and mayonnaise was his dinner.

For me, the banana split and the cup of hot chocolate were my supper.

And, imagine how well-fed I was to also have shared a plate of fried banana pancakes.

Fast Eddy's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Fast Eddys Cafe
266 Walter Road West, Morley, WA 6062
08 9275-8777 (Tel), 08 9275-8788 (Fax)

Joe then took me on a quick drive in the city. Best part of that short drive was this:

I will tell you more about this structure in the next entry. Keep posted!

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