Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bali (First night)

Our afternoon MAS flight to Bali was the first time I was served in a styrofoam box. It stated that it was environmentally-friendly, too. I wonder if the boxes are made of recycled paper.

I opted for the chicken satay. I do not know why it did not cross my mind to try the lasagna since I have not had lasagna in ages!

There was a downpour right as we touched down at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Our driver, Ketut (people here are referred to according to their position in the family and in this case, the fourth child) apologised on behalf of the 'bad weather'.

Ketut is the appointed driver of the hotel we put up for the two nights, as he lives in the same village, Nyuh Kuning. Flanked by rows of frangipani, the village exuded tranquility and charm. Tucked in a hidden corner sits the hotel and the staff warmly welcomed us with something chilled.

I am unable to recall what the drink was called but I recall the taste - it was sour, sweet and refreshing. I like! What a lovely welcome to Saren Indah!

Our rooms were located right at the end of the pathway. You could say that we were the furthest away from everyone. We booked two superior garden rooms, and so had a view of the garden with a lily pond full of croaking toads and frogs!

Mum was just totally blown away by the blooming lilies.

How do they bloom at night? And always remember, the little things count, every detail.

Very simple idea, is it not? But, it works to show how they put effort into personalising things. As we were starving and due to the rain, we decided to have dinner in the hotel. We were the only ones at the dining pavilion so we had the undivided attention of all the staff.

I am going to try my best to recall everything that we ordered. I had the infamous Balinese nasi goreng and an arak madu, which is an infusion of arak, honey and fresh crushed lemon.

Verdict: the nasi goreng was absolutely superb! Man, I even had the thought of not minding to have nasi goreng for every meal! I thought the arak could have been slightly stronger, though.

Mum and Dad had vegetable skewers to share while Bro had murtabak.

We retired to our rooms after that and were drifted into sleep by an orchestra of toads and frogs. Not. Because of their warm welcome, I was kept wide awake for some time before the tiny effect of the bit of alcohol kicked in.


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