Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CNY hampers

According to Wikipedia, a hamper, in its proper term refers to a wicker basket. Used to transport crops, food and later, laundry in the 19th century by Chinese launders.

Today, in Malaysia, a hamper is deemed a necessity, especially during the festive season. As it is Chinese New Year now, the house is gradually getting filled with hampers from the teachers, some of our parents and Dad's friends.

Some of them were set in the design which I grew up with - those stacked up in a pyramid that used the red plastic baskets as a base wrapped with flowery plastic and tied with a big flower bow at the top.

Some bases are made of metal while some are more creative, using other kinds of bases and boxes.

My favourites are those that still uses a wicker basket as a base, especially those prettily decorated with flowers and chiffon cloth.

As it is customary to exchange hampers, Mum decided to make up our own hampers this year and gave that job to me. We did not want to waste the baskets left from last year hence me recycling them for this year.

How, pass?

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