Saturday, October 27, 2012

MasterChef Billy's Halloween Dessert Degustation

When Jenny asked if I was interested to go for Billy's Halloween Dessert Degustation, I was surprised at how quickly I said yes. I transferred the amount required to her and two spots to the event were booked. With limited seats and in collaboration with two other food bloggers, Karen Low and Phuoc Huynh, I did not need to think twice!

We shared a cab to Studio Neon in Waterloo. Other guests started arriving in their own Halloween costumes. Some really bothered dressing up.

First thing, grab ourselves a drink. After trying all the drinks offered, we settled for a Scarecrow Mojito, which was a mixture of Bacardi with a dash of lime juice, thyme leaves and pumpkin puree.

Although it was handy to have these placed right in front of us, it was also very dangerous - we kept popping one or two into our mouths!

And then, the dessert feast began! The six-course of four sweets and two savouries started with petit fours of pineapple marshmallows, balsamic vinegar strawberry pate de fruit, and black sesame & charcoal powder macaron with pumpkin and Fromage blue cheese filling. The combination of blue cheese was a little strange but was not hard to accept.

This was followed by Phuoc's deconstructed apple crumble, which I really enjoyed. Perhaps it was due to the apple and green tea sorbet and the popping candy mixed with the crumble...

When I heard the word 'moscato', I did not bother listening to what else was in the tube. I know there was a lychee in it but whatever else there was... nah, it's moscato so all's good.

Then it was Karen's turn to plate up. Her dish of chocolate parfait with fisherman's friend chocolate dirt had everything a chocolate lover would want. I looked at Jenny and said, "I am not going to have chocolate for at least a month".

Frankly speaking, I was full by the time the Mexican smoked pulled pork and Asian style chilli and soy lamb ribs with the sides of balsamic braised red cabbage and cauliflower puree were served. I did not have much of them but the puree was smooth and had just the right flavour.

The pumpkin soup with red pepper oil pork crackles on the side had both of us sold. Oh my goodness, this was orgasmic!

The grand finale was the Snow White. Billy had this white ostrich egg looking thing placed in front of us. We watched the thing melt (some more gracefully than others) as hot raspberry coulis was poured over it.

We little red devils really enjoyed ourselves! 

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