Friday, November 02, 2012

Life #11

Hello, my favourite month of the year. How have you been? You seem well. You brought with you splendid weather. You brought with you endearing endings and exciting beginnings.

Ah yes, it has been a while, has it not? A whole year has gone past without us realising. I suppose that is a good sign, no? A sign of us living life to the fullest and really enjoying our earthly pursuits.

We tend to take life for granted, do we not? Life, as in even the 'free stuff' that Mother Nature provides. Take now for example.

I see the flickering of the shadows made by the leaves on the trees playing peekaboo with one another.
I see the golden rays of sunshine, which provokes a sense of warmth.
I see birds of all kinds taking flight, making full use of the cool breeze that helps them fly with less effort.

I see all but I see only when I take the time and effort to slow down and pause to observe and ponder. This stopping to ponder, to me, is an important process but I am not suggesting that we do it every minute of the hour. I hear you ask, "If we stop to ponder so much, how does that help the year go past faster?" Ah, now, the answer to this question would differ from one individual to another. And for me, this process of reflection helps me shape my thoughts and to help me become.


Yes, become. To become more me. To listen to myself more. And when I am more skillful in listening to who I truly am, I am a more genuine person.

The world isn't just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no? And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no? Doesn't that make life a story?” ― Yann Martel in Life of Pi

Do not get me wrong. There is not intention to become the perfect being. This process of becoming takes plenty of effort, and life lessons. And I think, it also involves taking time to stop in our normally fast-paced, technology-packed tracks to just be grateful for everything and everyone.

So yes, my favourite month of the year, I am grateful that you have arrived. And thank you.

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